Here is a sampling of the sites I've done over the last few years. I build sites using XHTML and CSS primarily. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other programs are also in my graphic "toolkit."

To see the actual website, please click on the thumbnail. Please be aware that these sites may have changed since I delivered them to the client. I have provided (or will be providing) dummy versions of sites that I know are either no longer online or have changed significantly since I finalized the original designs.

Jane Austen Made Me Do it book site main Greek Folk Music and Dance
Wordpress theme styling and graphics for a Jane Austen-inspired short-story anthology titled Jane Austen Made Me Do It. Site designed for Greek folk musician, folklorist, and dance instructor. Coded entirely in XHTML and designed using only CSS. Features audio samples.
David Joseph Designs Main David Joseph Designs Blog
Main site design for historical fashion designer, incorporating php design elements, a flash slideshow, css-only navigation rollovers, custom graphics, and a LifeType Blog php loop to integrate the client's business journal. Custom LifeType Blog template created for the same client to match his main site.
PPC Boutique PPC
This boutique catalog site was designed for a costumer in Florida. The design is a custom CRE Loaded Commerce template. This main site design for the same client incorporates php design elements, a flash slideshow, and various customized php/Mysql scripts including Gallery and the Sphider site search script.
DTM Emma Site
WordPress-based site for a homeless ministry based in Rancho Cordova, CA. Includes blog, mass-email list, Gallery, and other cool WPable scripts and widgets. The Emma Adaptations Pages feature CSS design, XHTML, a Flash slideshow, a PHP/Mysql media gallery, and more. St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church Site
This almond grower/processor site has changed since I delivered it. The DHTML ticker script and Javascript navigation rollovers have been altered and no longer function properly. Site designed for Greek Orthodox Church parish. Includes nifty Javascript popup navigation, WMV/MP3 audio, and an XML Podcast feed.
Fresno Art Museum  
Site designed for a Central Valley art museum, including a DHTML ticker script.