Welcome to Strangegirl Designs!

Welcome to my web design factory! My name is Kali Pappas, and I'm a web designer and college instructor with over a decade of professional experience in web production. I provide a wide array of services at very competitive prices. I can help you avoid the time, trouble, and cost often involved in putting together and hosting your own web site. More, I can use my skills to create a site that fits you and speaks to your customer or client audience, as well.

I can build a web site for a business of any size, a non-profit organization, an online hobbyist, or anyone else interested in a web presence.

As I am a writer, I can also create audience-appropriate and effective copy for your site. Whether you need benefits-driven promotional pieces, press releases, informational articles, or general editing help, I'm here to assist you.

What I Can Do for You

I create web sites to fulfill your needs. To paraphrase Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, I can do it!"

  • Stand out from the crowd - Be noticed with unique web designs or redesigns. Your site can be big and complicated or small and simple. I can redefine your existing site, or I can create something entirely new with features suited to your group or business. I specialize in quirky designs for individuals, organizations, and small businesses, but I can create the right site for any purpose.
  • Get an attractive, comprehensive visual identity that goes beyond your web site - In addition to your site, I can create a visual identity you can use in print, too. From general look and feel to logo design and collateral graphics creation, I can do it. Let me develop a visual identity for your business, or let me adapt your existing look for the web!
  • Give your site visitors a pleasant, hassle-free experience - I develop clean-looking, cross-compatible, easy-to-navigate web interfaces that look great and serve the needs of your audience. I use XHTML to code your site and CSS + php includes to create attractive layouts that are easy to modify and won't take forever to load. Content management systems, blog scripts, image galleries, ecommerce and catalog scripts, and more are available to boost site functionality and make site management easier on you.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Customers and clients are looking for you, and I can help them find you! - I create meta-tags, page text (including keywords, semantically-related words, and key phrases), Googlebot-friendly sitemaps, and easily-spiderable page layouts to help search engines efficiently index your site.
  • Resolve all of your web issues at once, without having to learn how to update websites yourself - In addition to site design and copywriting, I can host and maintain your site for less than you may expect. Why learn HTML, wrestle with FTP, and pay for expensive web and graphic editing software when you don't have to? For those who want to maintain sites on their own, content management systems, blog scripts, image gallery scripts, ecommerce and catalog scripts, and more are available to make site management a little less complicated.

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